work at wizix


We are entrepreneurial. We are successful.

We look for intelligent, analytical, skilful, self-starters whose contribution will enhance our company’s success.

We seek self-disciplined, highly focused, utterly dependable and honest colleagues who can get their heads down, put in a great shift and produce tangible results day in and day out.

Our esteemed colleagues are driven, highly focused and meticulous in their attention to detail every single day.

We build good teams of people. We like our colleagues to be at the top of their game, punching the air when seeing the fruits of their efforts come to life.

We feel great congratulating a colleague for doing a stunning job. We love seeing a chest puff out with pride. It makes us feel emotional when we see the pleasure of achievement in someone who works with us.

Our best people start early every morning because the ‘road to greatness’ opens early and the early bird catches the worm. We catch lots of worms every day!

Individuals who ‘talk a good game’ but demonstrate poor discipline, laziness, lateness or bad attitude are our worst nightmare. We haven’t got the time or energy to work with these people.

Not everybody is blessed with a brilliant brain or exceptional talent but everyone can be honest, hard working and give their best. Everyone can ‘over deliver’ if they choose to do so. To these people, who may be at any level of our business, we give our loyalty, support and trust.

We want our colleagues to be happy in their work and through their best efforts achieve greatness.


We pay well and offer share options to colleagues who enhance our company’s prospects.